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Education and Training.

From teaching operational intelligence and security practises in a comfortable classroom environment within the UK, to instructing anti-poaching wildlife institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is no exaggeration to say that we can train anyone, in any environment. Our training provision is not limited to the below, given our history, experience and credence, so please reach out to see if we can assist.

The list of services below is not exhaustive. Please do get in touch and let us know your requirements - we will almost certainly be able to assist!


Personal, Operational and Online Security Awareness

Are your employees aware of the ease in which nefarious actors can glean information about them in the online domain? Do you and your employees understand real time bidding data, AdID data and "leaky" phone applications? What about metadata and the ability of nefarious actors to extract location, time and device information? Do you understand WiFi and MAC address spillage? Mobile device wireless protocols? Don't worry if you don't - Lovran can deliver training to your organisation to ensure that your employees have an understanding of how to best protect themselves online and in the physical space, from organised criminals, or those involved in corporate espionage.


Open Source Information Gathering Techniques

Do you and your employees need a greater understanding of how to collect, exploit and analyse publicly available information, such as the data found on social media platforms or information not routinely "scraped" by online search providers? Do you need to check the veracity of an image, or information that's recently come to light? Lovran Consulting can assist, with our bespoke open source information courses, tailored to your organisational requirements. Whether you require a basic end users training course, or something more comprehensive such as deep and dark web trawling, please get in touch.

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