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Procedural Security.

Has it been years since your policies and procedures were reviewed? Do you have the appropriately trained personnel available internally to review and re-draft? Do you need to ensure policy compliance with updated or upcoming regulations? At Lovran, we are well versed in formulating, reviewing and updating all facets of security policy and procedure, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies. Whether you require policies drafted from scratch, or an external, holistic eye over your current policies or procedures, we can assist.

The list of services below is not exhaustive. Please do get in touch and let us know your requirements - we will almost certainly be able to assist!


Security Policy Review/Drafting

Lovran have drafted basic security standard operating procedures, strategic security standing orders and directions and everything in between, ensuring compliance with a wide range of policies in numerous sectors, including Government, public transport, finance and hospitality. Do you need to revisit your security policy framework for upcoming legislation or regulation? Do you need comprehensive security policy formulated from scratch? Please get in touch - we can almost certainly assist you.


Security Risk Management

Lovran can help you fully understand your physical, procedural, digital and technical security risks, ultimately managing them in a cost effective fashion and commensurate with the threats faced. It is imperative that your acknowledged risks are continually reviewed in order to determine if the risk status has changed and that the mitigations and countermeasures remain effective. Lovran are more than happy to embed and conduct this on your behalf, or even provide instruction and assist in annual review.


Terrorism (Protection of Premises)/Martyn's Law Preparation

With the draft release of the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill on 2nd May 2023, organisations which own, or operate public venues with capacities exceeding 100 patrons will be required by law to assure the security of their guests and employees. Owners and operators of public venues should start laying the foundations for future compliance by conducting risk assessments and preparing emergency response plans, whilst awaiting final Bill ratification and subsequent legislative timeframes. Lovran Consulting are suitably experienced to guide you in compliance preparedness, via our bespoke threat assessments, protective security expertise and counter terrorism training delivery. Please get in touch, to organise a Protection of Premises review of your establishment.


ISO 22301: Business Continuity

Do you need assistance in maintaining your essential functions during and following a disaster event? Lovran Consulting can assist you in establishing your risk management processes and procedures, aiming to prevent interruptions to mission critical services, ultimately reestablishing full operational function to your organisation as quickly, smoothly and efficiently as possible. Lovran currently hold ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management accreditation.


Screening, Vetting and NDAs

Working on sensitive projects and need to assure the confidentiality and integrity of the information within? Do you require assistance in managing vetting, disclosure applications or renewals, or maybe even assistance in drafting non-disclosure agreements? Historically, Lovran have controlled access to Government information of the highest classifications, via the production of NDA, pre-access screening and access aftercare.

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