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Physical Security.

Arguably the most important aspect of your security infrastructure, physical security measures enable the deterrence, detection, delaying and occasionally detention or disruption of threat actors. Lovran's Consultants are well versed in protecting assets of all categories, including within Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)/National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) environments.

The list of services below is not exhaustive. Please do get in touch and let us know your requirements - we will almost certainly be able to assist!


Full Physical Security Audit

A systematic and comprehensive examination of the entire physical security infrastructure at your location, including physical barriers, access control measures and deterrence and detection capabilities. Upon conclusion of the audit, a detailed report is produced, highlighting areas of physical security strength, areas for improvement and policy (non) compliance, where appropriate. Cost effective recommendations for remediation will be offered and discussed with you, also being included within the report.


Post Incident Improvement

Has someone gained unauthorised entry to your establishment? Thefts, or other disagreeable behaviours occurring? We will undertake a full analysis of the event in question on your behalf and identify the shortcomings which led to the occurrence. A report containing cost-effective remedial actions will be provided, along with follow on support, if required.


Physical Security Advisory Visit

Concerned about a specific aspect of your physical security? Lovran Consultants will conduct a security advisory visit to your establishment conduct an inspection based on your requirements and even assist you in implementing the desired changes. A post visit report is provided, highlighting cost effective remediations, based on the unique threats at your location. Nothing is too small to be considered for an advisory visit!


Physical Penetration Test

Lovran will “red team”, taking on the role of a threat or nefarious actor and attempt to gain access to your facilities. The whole process will be documented, including by video where possible and a report of the findings submitted. The report will include recommended means to prevent intrusion in the same fashion as we did, as well as any other observations made during the process.

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