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Investigation, Analysis and Research.

With decades of experience in traditional operational intelligence, human terrain analysis, multi source information and data analysis, open source information collection, counterintelligence investigation, human targeting and strategic research projects, Lovran Consultants experience is unrivalled. 

The list of services below is not exhaustive. Please do get in touch and let us know your requirements - we will almost certainly be able to assist!


Open Source Intelligence Collection and Analysis

All of Lovrans Consultants are experts in the field of open source intelligence collection and analysis, including deep and dark web scraping, social media exploitation and online investigative collection methods. We can produce products based on your requirement, from a visual and verbal briefing, thematic report or even in pictorial format.



Do you need an independent, transparent and professional investigation conducted by professionals and within defined parameters? Whether in a domestic, professional, workplace or whistleblowing setting, Lovran can navigate you through the investigative challenges you face, to an agreeable conclusion. 



International Travel Risk Assessments

Lovran posses vast experience in delivering both group and individual travel risk assessment and advice, including violent extremist organisation activity, criminality, kidnap, social and economic unrest, health, disaster and extreme environments. Please get in touch and we can ensure you are best prepared for your upcoming travels to less economically developed, or dangerous environments.


Bespoke Research and Analysis Projects

From hostile state influence in developing nations to human terrain analysis and violent extremist organisation motivations, there are but only a few things we have not researched! Lovran Consulting are extremely well placed to conduct bespoke research and analysis projects on your behalf. 

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